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Dear Customer:

We regret to inform You that due to the National Mobile Payment Act coming into force on July 1, 2014, our mobile parking payment services have been suspended indefinitely.
Thank You for your understanding.


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Parking and parking ticket in iziSHOP! Pay by phone! iziSHOP mobile payment solution

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Pay by phone parking  

You have run out of cash and you hate paying 30-50% service charges for parking using your mobile phone ? Purchase your parking passes quickly and “izi-ly” on your mobile using iziSHOP. There are no service charges or SMS fees.

Our new payment service for surface parking uniquely combines the advantages of start/stop systems and those of fixed time-based systems. We offer various time-based passes that can be cancelled at any time and the unused amounts left after cancellation are automatically refunded to your the credit card. There are no outrageous overpayments if you forget to stop the meter and if you estimated your parking time correctly you may not even bother stopping the meter.

Our mobile payment system for garage parking was launched in 2007 as the first in the market. It is still the one and only in the market with no service charges and no need for top up. We offer not only hourly or daily passes, but also monthly or annual ones that can be purchased over the mobiles. Our system is fully integrated with the number plate recognition systems of the parking garages so that upon exit the parking fee to be paid automatically appears on the mobile, which can be settled by a few clicks in iziSHOP.

In which cities can I use it?

Parking and parking ticket in iziSHOP! Pay by phone! iziSHOP mobile payment solution

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