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Shop online, pay with your mobile, IZI-ly!  New online payment service for Web shops!

Accepted bank cards

Shop on the Web, Pay by Phone  

Would you like to do shopping on the Internet, but avoid handing out your bank card data?

Watch out for the iziSHOP logo in the Web stores!

If you use iziSHOP Web Payment, you do not have to enter your bank card data on the Internet any more. Instead, you can use your mobile as usual in iziSHOP to make your payments.

This is how Web Payment works:

  1. Once you click on the iziSHOP payment logo in the Web store, you will see a transaction ID code.
  2. Start the iziSHOP application on your mobile, then enter the menu of Web Payment in iziSHOP and type in the Transaction ID.
  3. Stepping forward all major transaction data will appear on the mobile, so the payment can be executed in the well-known way. The quickest way is by using your iziSHOP PIN code that can securely complete your payment just in seconds.
Shop on the Web, Pay by Phone

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